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GUL 0.6 - Geometry Utility Library File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
cgul.cpp [code]
cgul.h [code]
guar_bincoeff.cpp [code]
guar_bincoeff.h [code]
guar_exact.cpp [code]
guar_exact.h [code]
guar_intersect.cpp [code]
guar_intersect.h [code]
guge_intersect.cpp [code]
guge_intersect.h [code]
guge_linear.cpp [code]
guge_linear.h [code]
guge_marchcube.cpp [code]
guge_marchcube.h [code]
guge_mcpattern.cpp [code]
guge_mcpattern.h [code]
guge_normalize.h [code]
gugr_basics.cpp [code]
gugr_basics.h [code]
gugr_bool.cpp [code]
gugr_bool.h [code]
gugr_contour.cpp [code]
gugr_contour.h [code]
gugr_face.cpp [code]
gugr_face.h [code]
gugr_io.cpp [code]
gugr_io.h [code]
gugr_planesweep.cpp [code]
gugr_planesweep.h [code]
gugr_regularize.cpp [code]
gugr_regularize.h [code]
gugr_split.cpp [code]
gugr_split.h [code]
gugr_triangulate.cpp [code]
gugr_triangulate.h [code]
gul_error.h [code]
gul_float.h [code]
gul_ieee.cpp [code]
gul_io.h [code]
gul_matrix.h [code]
gul_std.cpp [code]
gul_std.h [code]
gul_types.h [code]
gul_vector.h [code]
guma_lineq.cpp [code]
guma_lineq.h [code]
guma_minimize.cpp [code]
guma_minimize.h [code]
guma_newton.cpp [code]
guma_newton.h [code]
guma_random.cpp [code]
guma_random.h [code]
guma_rkdtree.cpp [code]
guma_rkdtree.h [code]
guma_sorting.cpp [code]
guma_sorting.h [code]
guma_transform.cpp [code]
guma_transform.h [code]
gunu_basics.cpp [code]
gunu_basics.h [code]
gunu_bezier_derivatives.cpp [code]
gunu_bezier_derivatives.h [code]
gunu_derivatives.cpp [code]
gunu_derivatives.h [code]
gunu_divide.cpp [code]
gunu_divide.h [code]
gunu_global_approximate.cpp [code]
gunu_global_approximate.h [code]
gunu_global_interpolate.cpp [code]
gunu_global_interpolate.h [code]
gunu_interpolate.cpp [code]
gunu_interpolate.h [code]
gunu_intersect.cpp [code]
gunu_intersect.h [code]
gunu_knot_removal.cpp [code]
gunu_knot_removal.h [code]
gunu_linearize.cpp [code]
gunu_linearize.h [code]
gunu_make_compatible.cpp [code]
gunu_make_compatible.h [code]
gunu_make_compatible2.cpp [code]
gunu_mba_approximate.cpp [code]
gunu_mba_approximate.h [code]
gunu_parametrize.h [code]
gunu_project.cpp [code]
gunu_project.h [code]
gunu_raise_degree.cpp [code]
gunu_raise_degree.h [code]
gunu_raise_degree2.cpp [code]
gunu_refine.cpp [code]
gunu_refine.h [code]
gunu_refine2.cpp [code]
gunu_revolve.cpp [code]
gunu_revolve.h [code]
gunu_sample.cpp [code]
gunu_sample.h [code]
gunu_tesselate.cpp [code]
gunu_tesselate.h [code]
gunu_tesselate1.cpp [code]
gust_new.h [code]
gust_pool.cpp [code]
gust_pool.h [code]
gust_pooltbl.h [code]

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